Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
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Infinity is a web usability, accessibility and search engine specialist. Our tailor-made solutions include website evaluations, CSS web design and search engine services.

We can help you to maximise your website's effectiveness, get the traffic you expect, get as many qualified leads and sales as you had expected, give a professional technically savvy look to your site, accurate and complete programming of the site, make your site "search engine ready" with meta tag keywords, meta tag descriptions, title tags, and embedded keywords, etc and get you the results you expect.

A website is user-friendly if it's optimised in:

  • Web usability - so your site users can find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently
  • Web accessibility - so all Internet users can access your website, regardless of what technology they're using.
  • Search engine optimisation - so Internet users can easily find your website

By optimising your website in this way you should see a dramatic increase in its conversion rate.

We offer the following specialized services :

Web Design and Development
Infinity will build a website according to your specifications, be it  a simple one page web site or a fully-fledged dynamic web site with database backend and content management.

Usability Assessment
Infinity can look at your existing web site, investigate it's usability and accessibility and provide a report giving our recommendations for improvement.

Infinity can maintain your website with regular updates, such as a weekly newsletter.

Our Website production is based on Strategic and tactical values :

Strategic Values

Strategic Values

Strategic values: Values which matter in the long run

  1. Brand Building : Let your visitors identify with your company.
  2. Presence : Make your presence felt. Give something for people to talk about. A regularly updated and/or newsworthy site will constantly attract new visitors.
  3. Traffic : Your site will have the ability to satisfy the target audience, or community.
  4. Competitive : Features that keep you ahead of the competition.

Tactical values

Tactical values

Tactical values are immediately apparent.

  1. Design : A site which presents a visual experience . The site's designer will design your site keeping goals and target audience in mind. 
  2. Content : Editors and contributors will prepare the content for display on the Web.
  3. Production : The HTML coders and Graphic designers know and understand the principles of site design
  4. Utility : People can do things on the site (buy, sell, fill out forms).
    It responds quickly, solves problems, and all the links work

Apart from the above our custom site evaluation will also cover areas like :   

  • Site Accessibility
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Online Branding
  • Visual Impact
  • Coding Accuracy
  • Site Structure
  • Content Issues
  • Site Navigation
  • Legal Considerations
  • Overall Impression

Your website's presence and visibility on the search engines will eventually decide the traffic at your website and corresponding conversion on the Internet. Drive the potential customer that gets you qualified leads/sales with the right keywords.

Ask our web consultant. Click here for a free website analysis and evaluation from expert website consultants..


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