Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services. Web Marketing eCommerce Solution Case Study About Us Career Seekers
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 Search Engine Marketing

"Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of web marketing."

Virtually no online business can survive or prosper without proper Search Engine marketing initiatives. The reason is quite obvious. More than 90% of the people use search engines to find the products or services online.

What does this mean for your Business?

If your products and services are not listed at the top of the search results you will lose out on valuable sales leads; and typically these leads are a lot cheaper to acquire through search engine marketing techniques than through other traditional marketing techniques.

Web Marketing Redefined

The history of dot com can be divided in two parts; Dot com before and after Google. After it went live in 1999 Google redefined the rules of marketing on the web. Since then the search engines have changed the definition of dot com business. While Google still rules with more than 40% of the total search traffic, Yahoo and MSN are other major players with a combined share of another 40%. The rest is attended by hundreds of various other search engines.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Unlike others in the industry, Infinity Search does not consider SEO as a technical tool to play with search results. We consider it as an amazingly powerful marketing tool which if used thoughtfully can do wonders to a website. We do not talk about keywords and rankings. We talk about:

  • Right keywords
  • Conversions
  • ROI
  • Online Brand Building

Infinity Search Solutions: Search Engine Marketing

We at Infinity do not do search engine optimization anymore. We do search engine marketing. 'Infinity Search' is a team of skilled web marketing analysts and technocrats who work in tandem to give life to a website to make it a successful business model.

Do you have an ecommerce website?

We can turn it into an Online Brand. Get in touch with 'Infinity Search' today to know how.


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