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A Message to Media from the Managing Director: RAHUL DUTT

The Role of Internet/Web Marketing

Promoting a website (web presence) on the World Wide Web (Internet) through Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing tools is the fundamental objective of Internet marketing. In today's global online market, there is a wide range of online marketing prospects. A successful online marketing strategy essentially depends on your ability to identify those tools that provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a scalable and effective manner.

In light of the recent alleged call center data scam, a strange unanimity was observed in virtually all the press/electronic/new age media be it from our subcontinent or foreign ones. They stood firm-footed, and they were pretty sure about one thing: A web marketing or search engine optimization company is nothing but a call center, a business process outsourcing unit. The farther the information highway is expanding; more irresponsible, insouciant, and baseless reporting and news media coverage is becoming.

Let's Check Few Facts Below:

THE Indian IT industry has a new court to play on - Legal BPO. Legal BPO may well be the next big opportunity for Indian firms. Estimates of the current addressable market potential for legal services outsourceable from the US alone are pegged at $3-4 billion.

In June, Gartner released a study predicting that global outsourcing will continue to grow and that by 2015, 30 percent of traditional professional IT services jobs will be delivered by people based in emerging markets.

India will continue to play a significant role, Gartner predicts, but by 2008, China, Russia and Brazil will also be important players in this market. Compiling what amounts to security dossiers on outsourcing employees is a shrewd move on India's part to protect their attractiveness in what will be an increasingly competitive market.

The Gartner report pointed out that while no single nation yet poses a direct threat to India as a high-quality/low-cost location, over the past two years, more than 50 other countries have emerged that together could pose a viable challenge to India in the months ahead.

For the Indian companies, a lot is at stake. The $5.7 billion outsourcing industry is growing at around 40 percent a year.

The Role of Media

I guess that media should be well aware of the fact regarding the potential of Indian BPO industry. Without substantiating their claims, without verifying the facts, without meeting the concerned persons, each small to big news agencies are publishing stories on the recent call center fraud taking help from each other’s half-baked stories. Are they aware that just in order to sell a story they are willingly tarnishing the global image of India? Forget Kkaran for a while, where is Oliver Harvey? Where are Fayaz and Sameer? Why didn't Oliver ever reverted to claims that the data he bought were genuine while all the banks repeatedly claimed that they do not have their outsourcing works/units in Delhi nor do they deal with the alleged call center from where the data was accessed?

Irresponsible media continued their tirades on Infinity eSearch without ever visiting our office premise and verifying about our work operations. In fact no sooner had the news broke than a press conference was addressed in order to clear Infinity's stand in this alleged call center data scam, still media kept on quoting Infinity eSearch as a call center. There was another report (some critical insight) on Infinity published on a website that claims to be hell-bent to "Build a Responsible Cyber Society". If not ours, then check at least your premises before publishing a story or tarnishing the image of a company.

The Conspiracy Theory

Where is the missing link in this so-called chain of conspiracy theory thwarted by Sun Tabloid? Why there is a sudden lull when the veracity of call center scam story is still in dark? Instead of probing deep on this issue, why Infinity eSearch is made a scapegoat and highlighted in all the news stories? An employee on probation from our organization meets someone after office hours and strikes a deal. He is offered handsome money for a presentation and a future job as a consultant. For reference check, he is asked to provide with his resume to a bogey man. In next few days, the news is aired that an Indian call center employee sold confidential UK credit cards and passport details related to some top-notch banks. Without doing the background check, without talking to any concerned person in Infinity eSearch, media started addressing us a call center. It was just because a web marketing company employee was involved in some call center related data transfer. Isn't it ironic that the so-called moral police of the society are enjoying their momentary lapse of reason at large without a trace of shame?

We must appreciate the responsible behavior from police and related authorities as there was a formal visit by the DSP, Gurgaon, to our office premises. But no further enquiry was conducted involving us, since we are not into a call center business and we do not handle any classified information. This was further verified from our company’s MOA, AOA, and clients list. Also a visit inside to our Office infrastructure clearly demonstrated that it does not support any voice lines or other technical settings that resembled a call center.

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