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Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
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Case Study: Nana Wall Systems

Services: Web Marketing

Nana Wall Systems, Inc.
707 Redwood Highway
Mill Valley , CA 94941
PHONE: (800) 873-5673 or (415) 383-3148
FAX: (415) 383-0312

Nature of Business

Nana Wall Systems, a Distinctive Name for large opening glass walls, is the North America leader in providing solutions for large opening glass walls, offering full line of all glass, aluminum, clad and wood framed Opening Glass Wall Systems for large openings in North America 's most desirable neighborhoods. As an architecturally driven company, Nana Wall Systems specializes in providing aesthetic, engineered solutions for almost any conceivable large exterior or interior opening problem.

Issues Faced

We have to promote Nana Wall as the premier brand online among those providing solutions for large opening glass walls. Nana wasn't providing the traditional products. They were rather providing innovative replacements to the existing popular products.

Even though it's a B2B organization, the demand could only come through Architects making it more of a B2C affair. On this line, the site had to be redesigned keeping in mind the target viewer (architects and interior designers).

Launching and promoting Nana Wall as the proffered brand among its range of products.


  • Identified that targeting Architects was the key.
  • Identification of the main competitors and their most competitive and popular products.
  • Creation of new site and optimizing the new site for the most popular search keywords on the related products.
  • Optimization of the doorways comparing Nana wall and competitors. (This gave instant edge as we cashed upon their already acquired customers.)
  • Optimizing the site according to the product application area. This made ordinary people aware of Nana Wall.
  • Running a PPC campaign (Google adwords & Overture) on all related keywords + the ones which couldn't have been optimized otherwise.


Started in October when the average traffic on the site was around 8000/month. Traffic rose to 42000 in the month of March. This increase in traffic was more than 500% compared to the online traffic few months back.

While statistics for the October showed that of all those visitors who arrived on the website, mere 1% arrived using company related search. While in March the percentage of such traffic reached 8%. This was an amazing rise in the brand awareness.


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