Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services.
Search Engine optimization Company, India offering SEO services. Web Marketing eCommerce Solution Case Study About Us Career Seekers
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We Make Professional eCommerce Solution Affordable
No matter what is the size of your business, we have the right eCommerce solution for you.

Infinity offers multiple e-Commerce solutions which have everything you need to get online fast. Our eCommerce solution provide merchants with all of the tools necessary to not only open the doors of an on-line store but to ensure its e-business success; by providing rich feature, customizable eCommerce solutions & services.

It has expertise in various aspects of e-commerce transactions and the Experienced and Qualified Professionals at Infinity ensure timely and qualitative solutions to our Clients.

Its expertise will be quite useful for customers to improve quality of solutions, reduce time for development & deployment and leads to Dependable Quality Solutions for business improvement.

Our flexible and comprehensive eCommerce solutions offer you everything you need to get online quickly!

  • Drive sales with less investment  
  • Build profitable and professional online stores  
  • Reach your target market with effective marketing tools 

Why to get your store online?

eMarketer: Worldwide B2B revenues to pass one trillion 

  1. Apr 01 2003 : eMarketer predicts that worldwide B2B ecommerce revenues surpassed USD1.4 trillion by the end of 2003.
  2. By 2004, worldwide ecommerce revenues are expected to total USD2.7 trillion.  
  3. According to the research company's latest report, the US will account for over one-half of worldwide revenues.
  4. At the end of 2003, B2B ecommerce revenues in the US totalled USD721 billion. By 2004, the US ecommerce revenues are expected to reach USD1.01 trillion. 
  5. The report also reveals that 70 percent of companies have experimented with purchasing online, but less than 10 percent of their total spending is currently being channeled via the Internet.

Retail Ecommerce Web Design solution and maintenance!
Infinity is dedicated to providing the Retail Ecommerce professional with the tools they need to increase productivity through the internet. 

Our Retail Ecommerce Web Design solution and maintenance and Retail Ecommerce Web marketing caters especially for businesses involved with any aspect of the Retail commerce industry.

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